Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

By Joe

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a FPS and stand alone DLC for Far Cry 3. Set in the distant future of the year 2007. You take up the role of cyber soldier, Sergeant Rex Power Colt. Woah, woah, woah, Lets stop right there. It’s 2007? Who has a name like Rex Power Colt? If you’ve heard nothing of Blood Dragon up until now you may think how cheesy this game sounds. Well….it is. Like the greatest of 80’s actions movies this game just piles on the cheesy one liners and giant explosions and I loved every single fucking moment of it. Everything from the tutorial to the little simple animations of tossing shotgun shells into the gun as you reload is a guilty pleasure of just over the top silliness.

While playing I couldn’t help but think about how the setting of it changed my style of game play compared to FC3.  In the original game you’re a puny little douche who has to survive so much of that game relied on stealth.  Blood Dragon, on the other hand, was about action! You’re a damn super soldier who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Stealth? Why the hell would I use stealth when I have a damn machine gun!


Look at the beautiful piece of artillery! Its a fucking mini-gun that has speakers to make it louder! Add to that the yelling that Colt does as you fire it and it hilarious. Who cares about stealth when you can just mow down foot soldiers!


The weapons in this game are as over the top as everything else. Bright blue neon bow and arrows, a sniper rifle that shoots explosive rounds, a robot hand that shoots laser beams and one badass handgun. In what game can you honestly say you want to use the pistol? MW3? Black Ops 2? Of course not! They suck! I mean look at this gun. What does that look like?


The description of it gives it away. It’s Robocop’s gun! Who doesn’t want to run around an island of cyber-terrorists with Robocop’s gun shooting the hell out of them.

As for what you actually have to fight, besides the enemy cyber soldiers, you have a small amount of creatures that live on the island. You many be wondering what could be so special about wild animals when you have an army to kill. For starters, everything has been involved in some sort of mad science experiment (except boars, screw them they’re useless). Devil goats, Cyber panthers and Mutated killer flightless birds that someone decided to make intelligent. So intelligent that they now know that they can’t fly and they’re pissed about it.


Then there is the animal that gives this game its name. The Blood Dragons


First introduced in the tutorial these things are frightening and play a key part of the story. The one aspect of the game that, even as a super cyber-commando, I was weary of. In the beginning of the game with its poor eyesight and super hearing,  you had two options when it finds you; try to sneak away from it or try to lure it into your enemies. That all changes once you get the mini-gun though.

The thing about this game is that it is stand alone DLC. This means you do not need to own Far Cry 3 itself. With a price tag of $15 you get this AAA game title with full studio development that gives you eight to ten hours of fun memorable game play that doesn’t hurt the wallet.  Is this game meant to be serious? Not at all. Is it worth the price? Absolutely!

If you need any one reason to buy this game, here it is. A ride-able, armored blood dragon with laser vision and its own witty one liners.



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