PAX East 2014 Roundup

By Chris

So much to see on the expo floor this year and it looks like the indie devs had an even bigger presence than ever. 2K, Blizzard and all the other heavies were of course hawking their wares too, we all already know what they have in the pipe though, so here are some ridiculously great games that may have flown under the radar starting with a few action oriented games:

MOBAs were in full effect this year with the release of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, DC’s Infinite Crisis, S2 Games second entry to the genre with Strife, and even Dungeon Defenders II dipping its toes in the arena waters. By far the title that caught my interest the most is Dawngate from Waystone Games. Attempting to break out of the MOBA meta trap by tossing the typical lane roles out the window and moving away from the early match farm fests. What gets me most excited is replacing destruction of a static structure for the win with taking down a raid boss level guardian that will flatten your kill stealing ass unless your team has its shit together. This may be the game that finally pulls me away from the juggernaut that is League of Legends.



As long as I’m talking about team based fragging, God Factory: Wingmen is going to be one to keep an eye on. 4 vs 4 space combat with customizable ships, each having its own special moves and attacks, with full Newtonian physics and twitch combat. Fucking sick. Each team has a giant carrier which fire on each other until one is space dust and ends the match, keeping matches from dragging too long and opening up some interesting offense vs defense strategic decisions. My old man reflexes managed to get me shot down more time than I’d like to admit using the game pad, I will absolutely be dusting off my old flight stick to give a proper go in the near future.

GoD Factory: Wingmen

GoD Factory: Wingmen

Keeping with the beat the shit out of your friends theme: Bit Brawlers from Tiny Build, and Blue Mammoth’s Brawlhalla will fill that bro smashing desire while waiting for a certain other title to release. Of the two, Brawlhalla is my personal favorite. Offering some nice character variety and weapon drops. It will be free to play and should be releasing on Steam shortly, with a browser based version coming later down the line. Nothing to fear over the F2P model as I’ve been assured the will have a rotating roster with the option to pay to unlock your favorite character in the same way most MOBAs handle it.



Chasm by Discord Games is what you want to watch if you’re a fan of the “Metroidvania” style action platformers. Pre-order  is available now and is expecting to release fall of this year. The nostalgia is just dripping off this game and was giving me some serious longing for the days of sitting in front of my Genesis playing Ys III for some reason. Procedurally generated dungeons and multiple game modes will add a lot to the re playability and even in the early game state I got to try the controls felt tight and it looked polished as hell.



Our next round up will feature some amazing indie titles that straddle the line between game and art.

Entries are closed and winners selected. I’ve decided to pull some Oprah shit so EVERYONE GETS A CODE!

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  • Kelsey says:

    Hello! I would love to win a Dawngate skin as my boyfriend and I plan to give the game a lot of attention! 🙂

  • Marcos says:

    Sad I didn’t find you guys at PAX East, but all these games were definitely awesome. The entire convention was amazing despite the number companies jumping on the MOBA train. Indie dev’s always manage to pull through with great stuff!

  • Parker says:

    Pax Looked amazing this year!

  • Cynthia R. says:

    Pax was awesome this year! I do why it’s so hard for me to find the pink yoshi. This is the second year in a row that I missed you guys. I guess I get distracted by everything around me lol.

  • Breavo x says:

    ty guys for the give away..hope i can join pax nxt year ^^

  • Lucas V says:

    I loved the pax this year and I hope to see it with my own eyes the following year

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