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Do you like dick jokes? Don’t bother answering that, of course you do. How about boobies? everyone loves boobies! Know who really loves boobies and dick jokes? Deadpool. Loves ’em so much he made a game about them. There’s some fighting and junk mixed in but we know deep in our heart it’s all about the sweater puppies.deadpool9

It’s the cut scenes and over the top senseless jokes that make Deadpool shine. It appeals to the 10 year old who giggle uncontrollably at poop jokes that is buried deep down in us all. Gratuitous sexism that is so far past the line of good taste that it becomes a parody in itself which makes you feel less dirty when you laugh your ass off at it.

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, the merc with the mouth is one bat shit crazy anti-hero and that’s why we love him. If you take away the self aware comic character schtick, arguing with the voices in his head and inappropriately timed Loony Toons-esque slap stick violence he would be pretty bland. That’s mostly the case with Deadpool the game as well.


The premise of the game is Deadpool is making a video game about Deadpool. Wadeception? Indeadpool? Yeah I’ll go with that, doesn’t sound dirty at all. With the theme of a game about a game our lovable nutcase in red is constantly referring to you as the player, referencing the script he didn’t read and pointing out the numerous game tropes that have been jammed in. All very fitting for the source material. At one point our hero uses his own thought bubbles to cross a long gap.

Starting off, the humor keeps things damn entertaining but it does get stale pretty quick. Don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, it’s just a bit generic. Standard fair beat em up button mashing. All the random quips from Deadpool himself are funny until you’ve heard the same line for the 12th time. After you are yet again asked “Think you can do a better job killing these guys?” while fighting the 100th group of the same faceless minions you just start telling ol’ Wade to shut the fuck up. Odd thing is it feels right. With how often the game talks to you directly it feels less crazy when you eventually find yourself talking back. You get out of my head Deadpool. Get back in your game and you stay there! The cut scenes will keep you cracking up so it’s not all bad.


I said the game feels a little generic, but that’s not totally bad. You mash your attack buttons on an enemy, bounce around between groups stringing together combos. Not nearly as smooth and fluid as the Arkham games but closer to that raw badassery you feel when mowing down a mob in God of War. Damn I’d love to see Kratos vs Deadpool. You get DP points, the games currency, for pulling off combos, killing bad guys or just finding coins laying around in the world. Use those to unlock new weapons and combos or buy upgrades. OK idea that doesn’t really feel like it pays off though. There’s an array of melee weapons and guns that are at least superficially different, doesn’t really have too much of an effect on the game. Sure the sai is much faster than the big ass hammers. They have different uses but not that big an impact. The teleport mechanic is pretty rad though. Let’s you BAMF out of harms way or bounce to other enemies to keep racking up them combo points. Your gadgets give some nice variety, flash bangs, grenades, bear traps, and mines all have their uses.


There’s a stealth kill mechanic which I think was just way underused. Most times you walk in a room and a horde of enemies come pouring in to stab your face so no real chance to sneak up for a bit of the old ultra violence. Guess it fits though. Deadpool is more the type to shoot you in the face while calling your mamma fat anyway. Just makes it feel a little tacked on.

Biggest gripe is the camera. Oh how I fucking hate that camera. Trying to aim your guns just doesn’t target right sometimes, locking on to an enemy while spin the camera to the worst possible angle and all you can see is the top of Deadpool’s head. Insanely frustrating when you’re trying to fight off 8 guys at once that are all stuck off screen.

There isn’t a ton of variety in the levels or enemies but there are a few moments of randomness to keep you guessing. Due to the extravagant use of explosives in the first level the game’s budget took a hit and turns into a retro top down dungeon. Quick phone call to the producer fixes that up pretty quick. The levels in general are really linear and short which is ok for the over all vibe of the game. Coins occasionally mark out the path you need to take and gives a Super Mario feel. There’s a bunch of those homage type moments. Nothing outstanding. You can’t blame High Moon Studio for taking the safe route. Deadpool is a dope character, pretty popular too, he’s no Batman though.


There’s a ton of people that bitch about who Deadpool has become. Too over exaggerated, too campy, not enough edge and they blame former comic writer Daniel Way for the change. Since Way wrote the story for the video game incarnation the same criticisms apply. Fuck them. That dark side is still there he’s just gotten progressively more insane. Deadpool is at his best when he goes full crazy. That’s exactly what you get in Deadpool the game as long as you overlook a few flaws and take it for what it is, button mashing and over the top potty jokes.


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