Cards Against Humanity Give Away!

How would you like to  win some very limited Cards Against Humanity swag? We are giving away 5 packs of of PWNMEAL each containing 10 random cards only available at PAX.

I doubt this shit is FDA approved.

I doubt this shit is FDA approved.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! One of these packs of suspect oatmeal has had its cards replaced with a very special set of 10 cards which could only be aquired by attending the Cards Against Humanity panel at this year’s PAX East!

Bet you’re interested now. Here’s how you enter; We’re gonna have us a round of cards. We have selected one of the PWNMEAL exclusive black cards, all you have to do is supply us a white card in the comments below. It can be a genuine Cards Against Humanity card or you can just make some shit up. We will choose the 5 best answers and send each of you some sketchy oatmeal. You can find plenty of cards in the official PDF if you’re still confused.


What are you waiting for? Show us what kind of horrible people we know you all are.


Contest Legal Shit: Valid email address required so we can contact you. Multiple entries are allowed but only one can be chosen to win. Contest open to U.S. residents only since we have to actually mail this shit. Contest will run until Saturday, April 26th at 5pm eastern time.

Comments have been closed and we will be selecting and notifying our 5 winners soon. The submissions make me feel so dirty… in a good way.

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  • Jeremy Venture says:


  • amonkeyaday says:

    the fact that PWNMEAL is a lie!

  • Rich G says:

    A poop so big it doesn’t flush.

  • HeyTaro says:

    being puked on by your own girlfriend mid-handjob

  • terance says:

    releasing cards in such small numbers that it’s impossible to find them on the aftermarket

  • Tyler says:


  • Tyler says:

    Moses gargling Jesus’s balls while Shiva and the Buddha penetrate his divine hand holes

  • Tyler says:

    Dog in the bathtub

  • Tyler says:

    A bag of dicks

  • Tyler says:

    Tentacle porn.

  • Javier says:

    The LEGO walk of pain.

  • J.J. M. says:

    Nipple Blades.

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