Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds DLC

By Melissa

As a long time fan of the Bioshock francise, when Bioshock Infinite came out I wanted it. I t took a lot of willpower not to squander precious funds on an impulse buy but I managed to wait for the Steam Summer Sale and snagged it for 50% off. I don’t regret it one bit because since it was fucking amazing. I also bought the DLC Season Pass, which will contain three DLCs. At this moment it only consists of the Clash in the Clouds DLC and after seeing the trailer for the upcoming Burial at Sea DLC, I can’t wait.

To sum of Bioshock Infinite without spoilers: it is fucking beautiful. When standing outside in Columbia you actually get the sensation of floating. It takes place in the floating city of Columbia. The year is 1912 and you are Booker DeWitt, a dapper man who just so happens to be a former Pinkerton agent tasked with finding a girl, Elizabeth and you spend most of the time with her and she isn’t an absolute nuisance. It’s refreshing because she can actually be helpful! Elizabeth tags along with you in Clash of the Clouds, doing her usual scavenging thing, tossing you items when you need ’em. Bioshock Infinite is an absolutely beautiful game and I totally got sucked into it and the skyrail system is awesome. Nothing better than flying down the rails on your sky hook, shooting enemies as you wiz by them, or in my case, attempting to shoot enemies. I have bad aim.


Clash in the Clouds is an arena battle with four different maps. Each round there are a certain number of enemies to kill and there are blue ribbon objectives which earn you more money for completing it. Unlike most arena styled games where you face round after round of enemies when you die, you do not have to start over. You have the option to but if you want to just keep going you have that option. you just forfeit your leader board rating and achievements but can continue earning blue ribbons and cash. Which is great for those of us who tend to get angry when they die and rage quit when you have to start over from the beginning because you were SO close to completing it. Personally with a global ranking of 35,965 I don’t give a damn about my leader-board standings. I just wanna shoot shit.

The Blue Ribbon challenges add an extra challenge to the straight forward kill everything arena matches. Some are easier than others and some are just ridiculous, like trying to kill a handy man with a handgun. Why would you even think of doing that? Yet of course I tried and failed and tried again….and again because I’m a glutton for punishment. It took more times than I wanted to admit, but I managed to down the fucker and earned my well-deserved blue ribbon. Killing a handyman with an RPG is easy-peasy compared to taking down the beast with a handgun.


Uh.. this was a mistake…

In between waves you get to change up your weapons and vigors. You know what the next Blue Ribbon challenge will be so you can be prepared. Sometimes you get little gifts of gear or infusions so you don’t suck so much. Thanks, Irrational, I need all the help I can get. You can access the vending machines to upgrade your abilities and weapons so the more you play, the more powerful you are.


Ooh, presents!

Money won is used to unlock the other maps, upgrades, kinetoscopes,¬† voxophones, (which add a little more back story to the game) concept art, 3D models and six jaunty cover songs, which you can cheat and listen to online, instead of unlocking them. I haven’t purchased¬† much from the Archeological Society of Columbia¬† because it would be beneficial to spend money unlocking maps and upgrades for weapons instead for now. As a result, on my game its not terribly impressive.


The lackluster Archeological Society of Columbia

Overall Clash in the Clouds is a fun expansion on a beautiful game. While playing the game, the combat seemed to get in the way because I was so focused on the story and it’s a nice change of pace to just focus on killing everything and not worrying about missing something.

I have to say I am way more excited for the upcoming DLC, Burial at Sea but Clash in the Clouds is a fun way to stay a little longer in Columbia because it is so beautiful you just don’t want to leave and the main game is over before you know it.

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